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Grazia Danti

Grazia Danti was born in Florence, from a family that boasts a long artistic tradition, descending by Giulio Danti, architect, sculptor and goldsmith (Perugia 1500 - 1575), son of Pier Vincenzo Rainaldi, who had changed his surname in homage to Dante Alighieri, and his son Vincenzo Danti, architect, sculptor, both in bronze and marble, and painter (Perugia 1530-1576), who worked a lot in Florence and among whose most significant works include the Decollazione del Battista in the Baptistery of Florence and Honour wins the Deception at the Bargello Museum in Florence. Many exhibitions of the artist in Italy, France, United States, Mexico; among them in 2010 is at Gran Palais de Paris (France), in 2017 participated in the Clio Art Fair in New York (USA) and the 3 Edition du Salon De Printemps d'Aulnay, in Paris (France), in December 2018 he exhibited in Miami (USA) , in 2019 his works are at the World Art Dubai, in the Arab Emirates, and then in Florence, Venice, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and the Principality of Monaco.

Grazia Danti makes an unprecedented personal and artistic journey: she still works in fashion and starts painting in her adulthood, inspired by a remarkable sensitivity and an innate versatility that is well represented in the works selected for Palazzo Portinari Salviati. Among them stand out faces and shapes of women, a heterogeneous female, inspired by memories, personal stories, suggestions of places, affections, readings, reflections. Women look strong, free, poetic, seductive, combative, mysterious, with traits are the undisputed protagonists of the small and large format canvases, made with the oil technique on canvas and raw canvas.